Current funding opportunities

Urban Studies Foundation International Fellowships

Application deadline: 31 May 2021

This is an outstanding opportunity for urban scholars from the Global South to join UBDC for 3-9 months. The USF International Fellowship scheme covers the costs of a sabbatical period at a university of the candidate’s choice for the purpose of writing-up the candidate’s existing research findings in the form of publishable articles and/or a book under the guidance of a chosen mentor in their field of study. The proposed research may comprise any theme pertinent to a better understanding of urban realities in the Global South.

UBDC would be an excellent base for scholars whose work uses new forms of data or big data to better understand cities and inform urban planning. We have particular expertise in fields including transport and mobility, housing and neighbourhoods, education and schools, and urban services. Methodologically, we have expertise in the analysis of a wide variety of data types using a range of data science and statistical methodologies.

We would be very happy to discuss applications with potential candidates and help them to identify a suitably-experienced member of UBDC who can act as their host and mentor. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your application.

Applicants must be early-to-mid career urban scholars with a PhD obtained within the preceding 10 years (by the submission deadline) who currently work in a university or other research institution within the Global South. Candidates must also be nationals of a country in the Global South, defined as any country on the present OECD list of ODA recipients (2021).

Candidates must complete the online application form no later than 31st May 2021 (by 23:59 GMT, UK time).

Full details, including the application form, can be found on the Urban Studies Foundation website.

Secondary Data Analysis Initiative (SDAI) - Open Call

Did you know that our data collections can be used in SDAI grant proposals?

The Secondary Data Analysis Initiative aims to deliver high-quality high-impact research through through utilising existing data resources created by the ESRC and other agencies in order to address some of the most pressing challenges facing society. Proposals are welcome at any time. Funding is provided for up to 24 months with an overall limit of £300,000 (100% fEC) per grant.

Previously, it was required from applicants to use at least one ESRC-funded data resource and to include a named early career researcher as principal investigator or co-investigator. These restrictions have now been lifted. Following an evidence based review, ESRC decided to open SDAI for applications that seek to exploit secondary data from a range of UK and international data resources including longitudinal studies and other data infrastructures, as long as applicants can provide confirmation that they have access to these sources and data. The use of at least one of ESRC-funded resources and longitudinal studies is still strongly encouraged, but it is no longer a requirement. Also, the ESRC still encourages applications from early career researchers as principal investigators or co-investigators, but this is not a requirement for applying to the call.

Proposals should focus on the generation of non-academic impact through addressing substantive research questions. Methodological and capacity development as part of this work is encouraged but should not be the core focus. The SDAI will therefore support the innovative and creative use of data or methodologies and support capacity-building in the area of secondary data analysis.

The Initiative operates alongside ESRC’s Research Grants open call. Proposals will be considered by a Grants Assessment Panel (GAP) that has been specifically convened to consider SDAI proposals.

Funding will be available for around 12-15 proposals a year, subject to quality. This may increase with the involvement of other organisations.

Further details can be found on the ESRC website.